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Optimizing Driver Performance Behind The Wheel

Go From Surviving to Thriving

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With easy changes, we'll help you simplify your health! You deserve to feel great!

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About Thera Optimal Health

Discover your best version of optimal health! A movement inspiring transformation of mind, body, spirit, and emotional wellbeing. 

Drive, Listen & Transform Your Health.

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Who We Are

Our core faculty is a diverse team of wellness experts, advocates, scientists, educators, and coaches with a combined 150+ years in the holistic health industry.

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Transform Your Life!

We'll ride alongside you on your health journey! You will experience uplifting and cutting edge knowledge and answers to incorporate into your life today AND our team is here to support you along the way!

Listen while you work!

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Enjoy the ride and connect with our experts through our events calendar, fun classes, interviews, book club, friendly support & encouragement!