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Thera Optimal Health

The Power Of The TOH Collective

Empowering Limitless Health Through Community, Learning, Science & Technology.

A Collective Of Faculty & Contributors Working Together

sharing knowledge - supporting health

A combination of top minds, talents, and healers on a mission to impact the health of generations, expand their reach, and spread their message.

We combine cutting-edge healing technology and healing techniques from around the world to give the mind and body everything it needs to
function at its best.

Meet The Collective

What Is Thera Optimal Health?

  • Starting Point To Well-Being

    Take the first steps to discovering holistic health within yourself!

  • Source Of Knowledge

    Learn from 30 experts in various disciplines with over 150 years of combined experience in holistic wellness.

  • Guide To Health

    Our e-learning modules & app tools make learning easily accessible & fun!

  • Community Of Transformation

    Join our engaging, supportive & interactive community to reach long-term transformation.

Thera Optimal Health

Ultimate Experience Of Limitless Health

What we offer:


    TOH Elite Access Membership

    $36/month Billed Monthly
    Get your first month for only $1!

    Membership Access Includes:

    • Weekly Expert Speakers Across All Areas Of Health
    • Movement + Posture Classes
    • Cooking Classes
    • Yoga Classes
    • Breath Work Classes
    • Sound Therapy Classes
    • Access To Our Library Of Videos & Exlusive Content In The Learning Hub
    • Monthly Book Club Meetings + Q&A's w/ The Author
    Coming Soon

    Foundations Program

    6 Week Online Course

    $997 One-Time Payment

    • Step-By-Step System For Creating Solid Foundations & Optimal Health
    • 11 Powerful Modules Taught By Our Team Of Experts
    • 5+ In-Depth Ebooks
    • Lifetime Access To Course Content & All Future Content As It's Added
    • 3-Month Access To Membership (Valued at $108)
    • Lifetime Access To Private FB Group
    • Track Your Progress As You Meet Your Health Goals and We Celebrate Your Small Wins
    Coming Soon

Join The Collective

Transform Your Life

With Elite Access Membership

Register for the Thera Optimal Health membership today and start transforming your life with an ever-expanding offering:

  • Monthly Master Classes
  • Weekly Classes
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • TheraTV
  • Book Club with the Authors
  • Access To The TheraOptimal Learning Hub
  • Discounts At Therasage

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