Become Your Own SuperHero!

Transform Mind, Body, and Soul

Join Jaclyn Willms in this 4 month, step-by-step, full body transformation program to discover the SuperHero hiding within.


What Is The SuperHero Progam?

This is a 4-month focused program to build your body, mind, and soul into a SuperHero! Jaclyn Willms works with you to help establish strong habits that build your body for energy, longevity, and youthful vigor. The Program comes with:

  • The 5-step setup process and mini-course on how to hold your posture & move your body in correct alignment while working out.
  • The entire video library of bodywork / stretches broken down by each area/joint of the body
  • Access to easy-to-do and progressive workouts to build and guide you to ultimate strength, balance and energy
  • Instructional videos for Self Development / Mediation / Mindset
  • Longevity, Biohacking & Anti-aging protocols
  • 1x Live coaching call with Jaclyn per week
  • Access to Jaclyn through the Thera Optimal Health Health Buddy Mobile App for help, guidance, accountability & love
  • Nutrition plan/coaching
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Ready To Transform?

Join the Thera Tribe in this exciting endeavor to discover the SuperHeros within!

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