Our mission: guiding you on a journey to your best health by providing the broadest approach to wellness that addresses every aspect of who you are ... body, mind, and spirit.

We combine cutting-edge healing methods and protocols from around the world to give the mind and body everything it needs to function at its best.

The Collective and Faculty

A combination of top minds, talents, and healers on a mission to impact the health of generations, expand their reach, and spread their message.

Our core faculty is a diverse team of wellness experts, advocates, scientists, educators, and coaches with a combined 150+ years in the holistic health industry.

Meet The Collective

What We Do

We help people optimize their health journey.

Our Unique Approach

With credentialed and highly experienced team members from a broad range of disciplines; Integrative, Holistic, Eastern and Western Medicines; as well as Fitness, Yoga, Breath-work and Culinary Coaches, we have put together a truly unique approach to finding optimal health!

How We Help

We help individuals achieve optimal health by guiding them on a holistic journey that considers their entire being, including body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  We allow you to choose the approach that's best for you - Online courses, 1-on-1 support, community programs, and more.

What We Do

Our comprehensive programs equip and empower you with practical tools, skills, and strategies that can be implemented today to improve your health and well-being.

Who We Help

Those looking to feel amazing, gain more energy, sleep better, reduce pain, detox their bodies, lower stress, eat healthier, move closer to balance, and truly find their version of peak health.

Our Focus

We focus on solid foundations, gut health, emotional well-being, sports performance, epigenetics; supporting detoxification, lengthening health span, supporting your fur babies, and combining 18 pillars of wellness to help you create the life you deserve.

How We Support You


    Thera Tribe Membership

    Get inspired by expert speakers, attend weekly classes, join our engaging book club and discussions, and access exclusive content through TheraTribe TV.

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    6 Week Foundations Program

    A step-by-step online course that will help you create solid foundations and teach you to live the life you deserve!  10 powerful modules, lifetime access, and access to our monthly membership and the TheraTribe community!

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    Resource Hub

    Our blogs, interviews & digital products provide tools and techniques to turn you into your own health detective and healer.

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Our Unique Approach To Wellness

Optimal health is a journey and state of being that requires rebalancing the body, identifying and addressing root causes, filling deficiencies,
removing toxicities, improving habits, and finding peace and joy.

The TOH Method brings together the most powerful and easy-to-implement techniques across many healing modalities to provide a whole-body transformation and reset.

  • Healing Technology

    Using cutting-edge tech to optimize your health & environment 

  • Supplementation

    Using neutraceuticals to fill gaps and rebalance the body

  • Energy Medicine

    Finding balance through energetic interactions

  • Culinary Medicine

    Shop, clean, store, and prepare high-quality, healthy meals

  • Herbal Sciences

    Utilizing the therapeutic benefits of plants

  • Bio-Individualized Nutrition

    Looking at your unique nutritional needs

  • Posture & Movement

    How posture, movement, and flow affect wholeness

  • Emotional Rebalancing

    Reframing negative emotions & limiting beliefs to restore inner calm and balance 

  • Lifestyle Optimization

    Establish healthy habits to improve all aspects of your health

  • Root Cause Wellness

    Identifying and addressing root causes of health issues and imbalances of the microbiome

  • Stress Management

    Helping you kick the overwhelm of modern life 

  • Exercise & Training

    Building & maintaining muscle and bone mass, improving fitness

  • Creating A Healthy Environment

    Ensuring your home, car, office & surroundings are safe & not adding to illness

  • Supporting Detoxification

    Decreasing our toxic load and opening drainage pathways

  • Increasing Health-Span

    Maximizing physical, cognitive, and emotional health as we age

  • Sound Therapy

    Using sound to improve focus, sleep, stress, and calm the mind

  • Epigenetics

    Looking at your unique genetic makeup and how your genes are expressing themselves

  • Environmental Awareness

    How to protect your family from the impact of fires, floods, toxic spills, and other natural disasters out of our control

More About Our Programs

No matter your health goals, we're here to guide and support you on your journey to optimal health.


    Thera Tribe Membership

    $19/month Billed Monthly

    • Weekly Expert Speakers Across All Areas Of Health
    • Movement + Posture Classes
    • Cooking Classes
    • Yoga Classes
    • Breath Work Classes
    • Sound Therapy Classes
    • Access To Our Library Of Videos & Exlusive Content In The Learning Hub
    • Monthly Book Club Meetings + Q&A's w/ The Author
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    Foundations of Wellness Program

    6 Week Online Course

    $497 One Time Payment

    • Step-By-Step System For Creating Solid Foundations & Optimal Health
    • 11 Powerful Modules Taught By Our Team Of Experts
    • 5+ In-Depth Ebooks
    • Lifetime Access To Course Content & All Future Content As It's Added
    • 3-Month Access To The Thera Tribe Membership (Valued at $108)
    • Lifetime Access To Private FB Group
    • Track Your Progress As You Meet Your Health Goals and We Celebrate Your Small Wins
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*The monthly subscription for our membership will renew automatically at $36 per month unless you cancel your monthly plan.  You can do so inside the membership in the help section.
*We stand behind our programs and have a 14-day refund policy if you are in any way not happy with your purchase.

Our Mission?

To help you feel amazing.

To help you function at your best.

To empower you to take control of your life and health.

And we're going all out! Period!

Are You Ready?