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Foundations Program

We've prepared an inspiring path to limitless health with experts in health, wellness, and personal technology! Let's take the first step together.

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The Thera Tribe

Join the Thera Optimal Health Elite Membership to gain access to the Thera Tribe Mobile App, weekly events, webinars, and classes, and 1-on-1 support on your journey to optimal health!


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Founding Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive Founding Members group with access to our experts in health and wellness.
  • FREE BioBand when Thera Optimal Health and the Thera Tribe Mobile App Launches
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Everything You Need in One Place!

We have brought together experts from many avenues of health and wellness over the past 25 years to build the most inclusive, comprehensive, and easily accessible program for building the foundations of health and wellness. We are also creating a community of like-minded individuals on the path to optimal health: abundant energy, pain-free mobility, youthful vitality, longevity, gut health, and so much more. With so many connections, Thera Optimal Health is the place to start your health journey!

Join us with the

Foundations Program

Our passion project has come to life with the Thera Optimal Health Foundations Program. Revitalize your health with easily understood and up-to-date information about health & wellness. Top experts will lead you through 10 self-paced modules to optimize your energy, happiness, and health.

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What To Expect From The Foundations Program?

The Foundations Program has 10 modules. In each module you will find videos from experts in health, wellness, and technology. These videos are between 2 minutes and 30 minutes and are created by our passionate Collective of professionals. You can watch these videos as many times as you like at your own pace, but are developed to flow through one after the other. We have included a few summary videos to recap longer ones.

Each module includes a workbook to help you incorporate the information from that module. You can download these workbooks at the beginning of each module and print for a convenient place to take notes. We also recommend using a notebook to keep notes in or to journal daily.

We have also included additional readings and references in each module. Feel free to explore each topic deeper with our articles, blogs, books and you progress through the Foundations Program.

This program is Self-Paced. That means you can go as fast as you like, or take your time to digest the information within.  We have developed the program to take about 6 weeks to complete, but there’s no expectation or requirement to do so. Once purchasing the Foundations Program, you will have lifetime access to the Program.

As you progress through the Foundations Program, you will learn:

  • Best practices and methods to creating, maintaining, and supporting healthy habits.
  • Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle full of energy.
  • Methods and tools to help lower stress and overwhelm, including yoga routines, breathwork, improving your sleep, and other daily practices.
  • Discover recipes from renown chefs that hone your culinary experience into maximizing energy and health.
  • Learn about new technologies and scientific understandings about your body and how to unlock your highest potential.

But most importantly, you can expect to learn many ways to improve your life, so you can start feeling great.

Who Is The Foundations Program Meant For?

We believe the Foundations Program is for anyone excited to feel their best. We've designed the Program to assist those who are:

  • Looking to improve their health & wellness.
  • Looking for a one-stop source of information.
  • Wanting a community feel and approach to learning about health.
  • Needing flexibility when approaching courses/classes.
  • Finding available information confusing and desiring a reliable source for wellness information and practices.
  • Concerned about the effects of aging.
  • Ready for increased energy and feeling revitalized in your day.
  • Ready to feel empowered about your physical and mental health.

We developed the Program for the modern day life schedule. Along with the Foundations Program is our Health Buddy App (you can download in the Google or Apple Stores for free). This will allow you to access the Foundations Program anywhere, anytime, from any device (some exclusions apply).

Who the Foundations Program Isn't For:

  • You already have an advanced knowledge of health & wellness.
  • Your daily habits and routines are 10/10.
  • You're apprised of current health and wellness technology and science.

(Future courses & programs will be better fit for you. We have some exciting things coming!)

Why The Foundations Program?

Because you are looking for a community that understands how overwhelming the health & wellness arena has become. Basic internet searches to improve your health have led you to conflicting information, practices, and recommendations and now you need reliability and accuracy. That’s how Thera Optimal Health began - with our Collective of experts in health, wellness and technology.

Thera Optimal Health and the Foundations Program are created to be a community that hosts the “encyclopedia of foundations to health,” as it were. A one-stop location for knowledge and resources and community, all continuing our quest for optimal health at any age.

How Is The Foundations Program Different?

The Foundations Program is different from other health & wellness programs on the market because we include a holistic approach to the foundations of health, from creating and maintaining habits, achieving rejuvenating sleep, reducing stress and overwhelm, incorporating technology into your health routines, practicing optimal posture and movement for pain free movement, and so much more! We even have a renowned chef helping us understand healthy habits around food, from purchasing to cooking to storage. 

Included with the Foundations Program is free access* to our Thera Tribe through the Thera Optimal Health Elite Membership.

One of the most unique features about the Foundations Program is how easy it is to access the modules. You can always enter the Foundations Program through the website and through our Health Buddy Mobile App (available on Android and Apple devices). With the TOH Elite Membership and Health Buddy Mobile App you have access to daily inspirational messaging, reminders, and additional resources at your fingertips.

*With the purchase of The Foundations Program you get 3 Free Months of the TOH Elite Membership. After 3 months, the Elite Membership is $19/month.

When & Where Can I Use The Foundations Program?

With access to the internet and a smartphone or computer, you can access the Foundations Program anywhere, anytime. We do recommend downloading the Thera Tribe Mobile App (Coming Soon) to help incorporate the Program into your daily life with daily inspirationals, free videos, and easy access to the Thera Optimal Health Elite Membership. So whether you're traveling, or bored, or simply ready and eager to learn something new about your health & wellness, you will have access! We do recommend you set aside time in your schedule to maintain consistency with your journey to optimal health. The Thera Tribe Mobile App can help with that too with reminders and notifications.

* The Foundations Program comes with 3 months of the Thera Optimal Health (TOH) Elite Membership for FREE. The TOH Elite Membership is coming soon. This will be available with the launch of the Thera Tribe Mobile App, which will be the optimal way to experience the Foundations Program and all the additional benefits of the TOH Elite Membership. These features will be available in June 2024. You will be notified via email/text when these features are unlocked and available to you.

What's In The Foundations Program:


    Clarity & Habits

    Identify your why for making change and the process of creating healthier habits.



    Learn the foods and eating habits that are either moving you towards optimal health or towards disease. Eat to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar, boost energy, and manage weight.


    Emotions & Mindset

    Overcome limiting beliefs, reframe negative thought loops and stressful situations, understand the impact of positive and negative emotions on your health.


    Stress Management

    Lower the total load of stress on your body both internally and externally to calm the nervous system, get out of fight or flight, and create an environment that allows healing and balance.


    Cellular Health

    Healthy cells mean more energy, less disease, and an optimally functioning body.


    Movement & Posture

    Improve how you sit, stand, work, and move to optimize function, improve circulation, and create a stronger, more resilient body.


    Enhancing Hydration

    Avoid chronic dehydration by learning how to utilize minerals and drinking habits that support detox, healthy cells, and optimal hydration.


    Improving Sleep

    Identify and address the biggest contributors to poor sleep, reset your circadian rhythm, create a sleeping environment that promotes restorative sleep, and utilize lifestyle strategies, supplements, and tech to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

  • Culinary Nourishment

    Learn how to shop, clean, prep, chop, cook, store, and all things in the kitchen with our professional chef and culinary counselor. Gain confidence in the kitchen and motivation to cook healthy meals.

  • Healthy Home

    Create a safe home for your family by learning about what is making your home an unhealthy environment (mold, EMFs dirty wiring, household chemicals) and how to address with ozone, safe lighting, water and air purification, and clean household cleaning products.