Lyme Awareness | Dr. Steven Bock Interview


In This Video:

0:55 - He became an acupuncturist, and now 36 years ago he started studying Lyme!

5:22 - Newer treatments that Dr. Bock uses with his patients

9:00 - Why specialists aren't always the answer and why an Integrative approach is the answer

14:35 - How detoxing at the wrong time is like throwing gasoline on the fire!

17:55 - Sauna use & supplements he recommends

19:05 - Environmental toxins to look out for and how they stress the body

21:28 - Challenges with testing tick-borne diseases and what test to do.

25:30 - Why journaling your progress is so important

32:00 - Myths regarding ticks

33:00 - If you have the tick you can send it in to see what bacteria is in it

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