Lyme Awareness | Jay Davidson Interview

You'll find that this interview has numerous gems even if you aren't experiencing Lyme, so check it out and let us know what you think!

Dr. Jay Davidson Explains the Proper Way to Sequence Your Approach to Lyme from Thera Optimal Health on Vimeo.

In This Video:

Jay is a co-founder of Cellcore

1:55 - Jay's story of almost losing his wife to Lyme disease

2:30 - Jay's supplement line

7:02 - Tips for those who are bed ridden with Lyme

8:30 - It's usually secondary and never the cause

9:14 - Fungi are decomposers of debris and poison, so they have a purpose

10:45 - Maybe the goal isn't to kill the virus completely

11:55 - Drainage and mitochondria

13:04 - There’s an order for detox, drainage 

13:32 - If drainage pathways aren’t open and you start to detox, that can trigger new food allergies/reactions

14:20 - When bile ducts are plugged up that can High estrogen levels

15:27 - Drainage funnel (order) and it has a power switch (your mitochondria)

16:32 - The western style of medicine is often about identifying the enemy i.e. Epstein Barr, Lyme etc.

17:30 - Magic pill

18:15 - Change in job, home, relationship could trigger symptoms

19:00 - Why Low & slow

19:44 - Listen to your internal voice

20:28 - Lyme is never by itself

21:15 - Everything is happening for us, symptoms are warning signs from the body, they wake us up to find solutions

21:55 - Parasites are there to biodegrade toxins

24:03 - Drainage & mitochondria first, parasites, systemic parasites, then detoxify the body 

24:15 - Heavy metals aren’t as big of a concern as herbicides and pesticides

25:25 - We need to go within

27:30 - Your body will move in exponential ways to help you heal when you give it what it needs

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