Module 4 - Stress Management

Lower the total load of stress on your body both internally and externally to calm the nervous system, get out of fight or flight, and create an environment that allows healing and balance.

Begin Module

Before you begin, we recommend you download the workbook here and follow along with the module for an optimal experience.

What To Expect:

  • Understand how to identify stress.
  • Find ways to manage, mitigate, and lower your stress.
  • Learn breathing techniques to immediately lower stress hormones.

Module Content

Video 1: Stress Management with Dr. Keesha Ewers.

Video 2: Summary Video

Video 3: Alternate Nostril Breathing with Stacy

Video 4: Practice Victorious Breath with Stacy

Video 5: Box Breathing with Stacy

Video 6: Tech and Stress with Robby Besner

Video 7 : Breathwork to Reduce Stress With Jason Campbell

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