Module 6 - Movement & Posture

Improve how you sit, stand, work, and move to optimize function, improve circulation, and create a stronger, more resilient body.

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What To Expect

  • Tips & Tricks to mend your posture
  • Yoga Lessons For Your Daily Practice
  • So much more...

Module Content

Video 1: Why Posture Is Important With Jaclyn Willms

Video 2: How To Improve Posture With Jaclyn Willms

Video 3: Movement & Posture

Video 4: Intro To Posture With Jaclyn Willms

Video 5: Posture Correction Exercises

Video 6: Move In A More Flexible Mindset With Ben Ahrens

Video 7: Restorative Poses With Jaclyn Willms

Video 8: Yoga For Longevity With Stacy McCarthy

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