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Foundations Program

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The Foundations Program is an all-in-one, 6 week program designed to set your journey to limitless health on the right path.

What You Get With Foundations Program

  • Step-By-Step System For Creating Solid Foundations & Optimal Health
  • 11 Powerful Modules Taught By Our Team Of Experts
  • Workbooks & E-Books To Help You On Your Journey.
  • Lifetime Access To Course Content & All Future Content As It's Added
  • 3-Month Access To Membership (Valued at $108)*
  • Lifetime Access To Private FB Group
  • Track Your Progress As You Meet Your Health Goals and We Celebrate Your Small Wins

*Membership is still in Beta Testing and will be active and available soon.

**Foundations Program is officially in Beta Testing. During the Beta Test Period only the first 4 modules are available. For more information, please contact

    Foundations Program

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    What Is The Foundation Program?

    A Step-By-Step Informational Guide To Limitless Health!

    Program Modules

    • Clarity & Habits

      Identify your why for making change and the process of creating healthier habits.

    • Nutrition

      Learn the foods and eating habits that are either moving you towards optimal health or towards disease. Eat to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar, boost energy, and manage weight.

    • Emotions & Mindset

      Overcome limiting beliefs, reframe negative thought loops and stressful situations, understand the impact of positive and negative emotions on your health.

    • Stress Management

      Lower the total load of stress on your body both internally and externally to calm the nervous system, get out of fight or flight, and create an environment that allows healing and balance.

    • Cellular Health

      Healthy cells mean more energy, less disease, and an optimally functioning body.

    • Movement & Posture

      Improve how you sit, stand, work, and move to optimize function, improve circulation, and create a stronger, more resilient body.

    • Enhancing Hydration

      Avoid chronic dehydration by learning how to utilize minerals and drinking habits that support detox, healthy cells, and optimal hydration.

    • Improving Sleep

      Identify and address the biggest contributors to poor sleep, reset your circadian rhythm, create a sleeping environment that promotes restorative sleep, and utilize lifestyle strategies, supplements, and tech to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

    • Culinary Nourishment

      Learn how to shop, clean, prep, chop, cook, store, and all things in the kitchen with our professional chef and culinary counselor. Gain confidence in the kitchen and motivation to cook healthy meals.

    • Healthy Home

      Create a safe home for your family by learning about what is making your home an unhealthy environment (mold, EMFs dirty wiring, household chemicals) and how to address with ozone, safe lighting, water and air purification, and clean household cleaning products.

    • Foundational Supplements

      Support optimal health with foundational supplements.

    • Put It All Together

      Continue the journey to Optimal Health.