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Culinary Coach + Kitchen Counselor


Collin Goodine is a Nutritionally certified Plant Based Chef and Integrative Health Practitioner who has had the opportunity to experience and understand the power of holistic medicine, more specifically the connection between the food we eat and our health.

Collin is a Nutritionally certified Plant Based Chef, Kitchen counselor and Culinary Coach who has had the opportunity  to experience and understand the power of holistic medicine, more specifically the connection between the food we eat and our health.

Chef Collin has been the Executive Chef of some of the finest wineries, restaurants and hotels in Canada. He was founder, Chef and CEO of one of the best high-end catering companies in the Niagara area, along with co-owning and creating various restaurants and healthy smoothie bars. 

From Fruit Farms to Five Diamond Kitchens, Chef Collin really learned and studied the art and science of food and how it relates to a Culinary Canvas.

Over the last 5 years, Chef Collin has been more focused on how food relates to health. He truly believes that by using functional foods, intentional cooking and ancient eastern  philosophies, he has created a unique plant cuisine that is aimed at disease prevention and detoxing the body. 

Chef Collins' approach to food is one that creates confidence in the kitchen and deploys intentional eating.

Through his 27 years as a Chef, Chef Collin has learned that all individuals are unique, with different environments, complex situations, personal needs, and specific food desires. This discovery  has fueled a passion to focus on creating a balanced lifestyle and healthy food relationships for individuals around the globe with customized food solutions. 

Chef Collin now lives in West Palm Beach working on sustainable living retreats, wellness centers and one-on-one sessions to slowly make a huge impact on the world, and change the western world's food relationships. 

Fun Facts

  • I was drafted to play pro box lacrosse. 
  • Only 3 years ago I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now
  • I am afraid of dark spaces. 
  • I once had a red mohawk and mullet at the same time (luckily no pictures were ever taken of this display). 
  • Cooking as a profession was never a thought in my head growing up. I never wanted to become a Chef. 
  • Cooking now gives me a true sense of joy and calms my nervous system. 
  • I worked on fruit farms most of my childhood. 
  • I once raised a brood of hundreds of bees and had 42 beautiful chickens. 
  • As rumor has it I did not have an official name until I was 3 weeks old. My middle name is John because I was called “John boy” until my uncle came up with the name Collin. 
  • I am married to TOH trainer Jaclyn
  • My favorite music is country 
  • I always wanted to be a cowboy and believe I was in another life. 
  • I cannot dance.. at all….zero rhythm lol 
  • I do not have a favorite food or food type.. I find so many great reasons to love all of them. 

Collin is a major contributor to our Foundations Program.

Collin hosts weekly cooking classes through the TOH Elite Membership.

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