Module 9 - Culinary Nutrition

Learn how to shop, clean, prep, chop, cook, store, and all things in the kitchen with our professional chef and culinary counselor. Gain confidence in the kitchen and motivation to cook healthy meals. Series of videos taught by Chef Collin Goodine.

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Before you begin, we recommend you download the workbook here and follow along with the module for an optimal experience.

What To Expect

Optimize your culinary expression in the kitchen with Thera Optimal Health. This module will help your cooking expertise jump tot henext level with the focus on health and wellness.

  • Learn how to shop to optimize your time in the grocery store.
  • Learn best practices for cleaning, cooking, and storing food.
  • Discuss why to cook for health.
  • And so much more!

Module Content

Video 1 - Welcome To Our Kitchen With Chef Collin Goodine

Video 2 - Grocery Store Walk Through With Chef Collin Goodine

Video 3 - Tips For Cleaning, Sanitizing & Drying Produce

Video 4 - Kitchen Essentials

Video 5 - Prepping

Video 6 - Chopping & Knife Tips

Video 7 - Dance Floor With Chef Collin Goodine

Video 8 - Cooking Types

Video 9 - Philosophy With Chef Collin Goodine

Video 10 - Mise En Place

Video 11 - Putting Food Away

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