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So What Is The Foundations Program?

The Foundations Program is an easily understood and up-to-date collection of information about health & wellness. Top experts lead viewers through 10 self-paced modules to optimize your energy, happiness, and overall health.

Here's An Inside Look At The Foundations Program:

Some Of What's Inside The Foundations Program:

Unstoppable You

Clarity & Habits

8 Videos - The first module introduces you to setting up your daily routines as tools to support your journey to optimal health.

Eat Well & Feel Great

Healthy Nutrition

7 Videos - This module teaches what foods and eating habits that are either moving you towards optimal health or towards disease. Discover how to eat to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar, boost energy, and manage weight.



7 Videos - This modules works toward overcoming limiting beliefs, re-framing negative thought loops and stressful situations, and understanding the impact of positive and negative emotions on your health.

Building Resilience and

Managing Stress

9 Videos - This module gives you the toos to lower the total load of stress on your body both internally and externally to calm the nervous system, get out of fight or flight, and create an environment that allows healing and balance.

Optimizing your

Cellular Health

8 Videos - This module introduces you to the complexities of cellular health, and some simple solutions for optimizing your cells while going about your day.

Transform Your Body With

Posture & Movement

12 Videos - This module works through how to improve how you sit, stand, work, and move to optimize function, improve circulation, and create a stronger, more resilient body.

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As a TOH Affiliate, you also have the opportunity to sell the Thera Tribe Membership and all other products on the TOH website with a 10% commission on each sale!

Thera Tribe Membership

The Thera Tribe Membership gives you elite access to the TOH Collective, the backbone of Thera Optimal Health, with weekly events, book club with live author Q&A's, special guest live webinars, access to our full library of all previous events, classes, summits, articles, and more. We have spent over 25 years building relationships with leaders, experts, and gurus in health and wellness to offer you exclusive access through this membership.

Our Membership Includes Access To:

Thera Tribe Mobile App - a mobile app designed to assist in your journey to optimal health.

  • Weekly events, classes, and webinars.
  • TOH Book Club and live author Q&A's.
  • Our Resource Hub - a library of digital content (videos, articles, e-books, etc.) focused on the fundamentals of health.
  • Our social network so you can participate in conversations with the TOH Faculty and our health and wellness experts.
  • So much more!

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Therasage Products

Therasage began from our personal journey to help our daughter manage, and eventually overcome her symptoms from Chronic Lyme DIsease.   With all of the challenges of our current health care system, it is our vision that each of us takes our health needs into our own hands through the use of a positive, natural, healthful regimen. Using Infrared in applications of everyday use, each of us can make a positive statement toward better health.

Our  Vision was the dream of bringing unique healthy infrared healing energy to the public in easy to use and affordable, high quality products.  It is through these simple, household devices that we hoped to begin the process of bringing basic applications of Infrared energy into the home. We address the benefits of nature, through the Infrared spectrum, and negative ions, with our signature interface of natural earth elements. The use of natural gemstones like jade and tourmaline enhances the even distribution of deep penetrating infrared as well as generating an abundance of negative ions into the environment, thus bringing the positive forces of
infrared heat, negative ions, and natural health to one’s body.

Since our founding, we have become the gold standard for energy healing naturally healing infrared, negative ions and eliminating EMF's (the harmful frequencies that electronic products generate.)  With that, we recognize that we must stand by each of our products. And we do. Each is manufactured with quality, quality specifications and supervision. Each are designed for years of use, and each are supported by warranties that meet or exceed the industry’s standard.

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Upcoming New Programs

We are constantly working on new programs to offer. After the Foundations Program and Thera Tribe Memberships are successfully launched, we will then start promoting several new programs:

  • SuperHero Program: Get back to peak physical fitness with easy-to-do at home routines, exercises, and more!
  • Gut Health Program: Find ways to strengthen your health through your gut!
  • Women's Health Program:
  • Men's Health Program:
  • And so many more to come!