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Kiki Cordero | Thera Optimal Health
Kiki Cordero’s passion for healing the body started back in 2001 as she was trying to find new ways to rehab her own injuries after years of failed attempts. She’s never been a fan of anything “traditional” when it comes to PT or training because nothing she had done in a span of 11yrs ever helped in the progression of her healing. She was always looking for what’s most efficient, effective and affordable. This is when she stumbled upon Pilates. As a former dancer and athlete, this was the perfect combination for mind body connection. Lingering injuries subsided within weeks and she knew she had to share this passion with the world.

Kiki received her PMA certification through Balanced Body Pilates back in 2007. She continued her education from 2008-2012 through the Balanced Body Rehabilitation Summit; then furthered her training in 2012 as a Master Instructor of Pilates Rehabilitation through Personalized Pilates. This is when she launched COR in a Phoenix, AZ. Still wanting to find more effective and unique ways to improve each individual’s fitness goals, Kiki received certifications in vibration plate fitness, TRX and Barre.

Still looking for ways to advance her clients’ progress, Kiki decided to further her knowledge and repair of the body and got certified as an ElectronsPlus+ Guided PEMF Practitioner in 2017. Kinesio Stretch & Acupressure Certification in 2023. Next up is Quantum Neurology! She found the combination of utilizing different frequencies, vibration therapy of PEMF repair of the nerves and cells, combined with Pilates stabilization & strengthening principles is the perfect balance for total Mind, Body & Soul connection.

Fun Facts: Kiki is a classically trained flare & craft cocktail bartender; special skill is twirling and spiting fire. She has worked in television casting and production in LA for a decade; in addition to 6yrs as a radio voice and personality in ATL & AZ.

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