Module 2 - Nutrition

Learn the foods and eating habits that are either moving you towards optimal health or towards disease. Eat to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar, boost energy, and manage weight.

Begin Module

Before you begin, we recomend you download the workbook here and follow along with the module for an optimal experience.

What To Expect

The First Module Introduces You To Setting Up Your Daily Routines As Tools To Support Your Journey To Optimal Health. You can expect:

  • To Question Your Daily Routine
  • Plan & Create New Schedules
  • Organizing & Cleaning A Space
  • Deep Thinking, Writing, And Breathing
  • Setting Intentions and Actions

Module Content

Video 1: Nutrition with Simone Laubscher PhD

Video 2: Continued Nutrition with Simone Laubscher PhD

Video 3: Summary Video

Video 4: How Emotions Impact Digestion with Ben

Video 5: Yoga for Eating with Stacy

Video 6: Digestion Meditation with Jason Campbell

Video 7: Foundational Supplements with Simone Laubscher

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