Module 5 - Cellular Health

Healthy cells mean more energy, less disease, and an optimally functioning body.

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What To Expect

This module introduces you to the complexities of cellular health, and some simple solutions for optimizing your cells while going about your day.

  • Find more energy for your day
  • Discover faster & easier recovery times
  • Learn Yoga Routines to enhance your energy levels and cellular health
  • So much more . . .

Module Content

Video 1 - Cellular Health & Hormesis With Dr. Maya Shetreat

Video 2 - Cell Danger Response With Dr. Maya Shetreat

Video 3 - How To Be More Resilient With Dr. Maya Shetreat

Video 4 - Cellular Health With Dr. Monisha Bhanote

Video 5 - Healing Is Voltage With Dr. Jerry Tennant

Video 6 - Yoga for Energy With Stacy McCarthy

Video 7 - TheraVibe With Robby Besner

Video 8 - Energy With Dr. Sean Drake

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