About Zeke Medina

Sleep Coach & Pharmacist

Dr. Zeke Medina is a dedicated sleep coach and pharmacist with a passion for holistic wellness. With over two decades of experience in healthcare, Dr. Zeke has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between sleep and overall well-being.

Dr. Zeke’s journey began in 2002, from humble beginnings in a local medical practice to serving as a laboratory technician in the U.S. Army. After earning his Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2013, his thirst for knowledge led Dr. Zeke to explore natural medicine, eventually specializing in adult sleep coaching in 2018.

In his practice, Dr. Zeke takes a comprehensive approach, blending integrative and functional medicine principles to address the root causes of sleep issues. He focuses on four key pillars: optimizing sleep pressure, nurturing the circadian rhythm, and alleviating both physical and mental stressors that disrupt sleep quality.

Beyond his one-on-one coaching, Dr. Zeke has had the privilege of sharing insights with esteemed organizations like Humana Pharmacy and United Health, as well as being featured on reputable platforms such as NBC, Spectrum News, and leading health blogs like Insider and MindBodyGreen.

Dr. Zeke’s clients range from those seeking to improve their sleep naturally to individuals burdened by a reliance on multiple sleep aids. It's immensely rewarding to witness his client’s transformations, as they reclaim control of their sleep and embrace a brighter, more fulfilling life.

When speaking to groups, Dr. Zeke aim to empower individuals with actionable knowledge that sparks meaningful change in their health journey. Together, as we dive into the Foundations Course, Dr. Zeke is excited to lay the groundwork for sustainable, healthy habits.

In his philosophy, Dr. Zeke adheres to two guiding principles: creating a nurturing environment for both body and mind and embracing the journey towards optimal sleep and wellness. Join Dr. Zeke, and let's embark on this transformative path together.


Fun facts about Dr. Zeke:

  • He has a passion for food! Growing up on ultra-processed snacks and candy, he faces the daily challenge of resisting temptation. To satisfy my cravings, he enjoys experimenting with healthier recipes that still capture the essence of his favorite comfort foods.
  • Cardio isn't really his thing! Although he understands its benefits, Dr. Zeke would rather blend it into his fitness routine through weightlifting. In fact, he took it a step further and invested in a sauna to ensure he breaks a sweat without having to rely too much on cardio.
  • During a trip to Thailand, Dr. Zeke had the opportunity to try their infamous "poo poo coffee." Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as it sounds!
  • Born in 1985, Dr. Zeke learned to do a backflip at the age of 15. To mark each birthday, he continues the tradition by performing a backflip to celebrate another year of life.
  • In his leisure time, Dr. Zeke indulges in crafting activities such as beading, making rope bracelets, and creating jewelry with his kids. It's a fantastic way to focus our energy and bond as a family.
  • In 2020, Dr. Zeke embarked on the journey of fermenting his own Kombucha. Since then, he’s experimented with fermenting various foods and is confident that he makes the best sauerkraut around.
  • Dr. Zeke tend to get engrossed in work easily. To counterbalance this, he became a Rover dog walker, motivating myself to take 3 to 4 walks daily. It has become a meditative hobby that allows him to unwind and live in the present moment.
  • During his free time, Dr. Zeke enjoys creating videos of the dogs he walks. His kids eagerly join in, and they have a blast capturing the perfect moments on camera!

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